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Hippotrainer treadmill

The Hippotrainer is the best selling horse treadmill in France. Capable of reaching speeds of up to 10km/h, it allows you to train your horses at walking pace with or without a slope. With 10 programs, this treadmill will allow you to perform different exercises designed to meet the needs of your horses. Working with inclination offers the possibility to develop the muscle quickly, that's why the Hippotrainer is equipped with jacks that allow it to rise up to 10%. It is also available with transparent walls in the Hippotrainer+ version.

French design, product made in Normandy.

What are the benefits of the Hippotrainer treadmill on the health and control of the horse?

Equivalent to a hike the treadmill allows you to visualize the behavior of your horse. The treadmill helps to keep your horse in shape. This equipment improves the heart functions of the half without causing hypertrophy. Blood carries more oxygen and there is less lactic acid in the muscles.


Financement possible


2 ans de garantie


Installation et formation possible


Assistance téléphonique 7j/7

For the maintenance of your Hippocenter horse treadmill, order your cans of anti-friction oil here

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Technical characteristics
  • Continuous speed regulator from 0 to 10 km/h
  • 10 programs (regeneration, warm-up, recuperation, muscle-building)
  • Incline adjustable and epoxy coated
  • Safety photocell (anti-panic)
  • High-strength, shock absorbing rubber matting.
  • Training : 5kW conical torque motor 380V 16A

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Située en plein cœur du monde du Cheval en Normandie, HIPPOCENTER est le 1er fabricant en France de matériel d'entraînement et de soins pour la performance et le bien-être des chevaux. L'équipe HIPPOCENTER est notamment spécialisée dans la conception, la fabrication et la distribution de tapis roulants et de marcheurs depuis plus de 10 ans.


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