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  • 10 to 20 metres in diameter
  • IPE steel post structure
  • 5-metre wide roof
  • PVC plastic fence


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The Prestige version horse walker

The Prestige version horse walker is constructed using heavy materials typically used for agricultural buildings. Its IPE steel structure ensures durability and toughness under all conditions. Its Stabipol roof offers several advantages. It reduces noise due to bad weather, withstands the passage of time better than simple steel sheeting and protects your walking track perfectly thanks to its 5-metre width. The Prestige walker fence consists of PVC plastic planks mounted in a galvanised frame. The main advantage of plastic is that it needs no maintenance. Different colours are available, and some shades are like natural wood. Our walker mechanisms go perfectly with this roof.

Technical characteristics
  • IPE treated steel structure with epoxy paint in colour of your choice
  • Stabipol reinforced polyester roofing, corrugated boards
  • Wood beams 58x156mm
  • Windbreak netting
  • Corridor enclosure Luxe with rounded galvanised  frames and high-resistant plastic panelling
  • Colour - dark wood
  • Choice of hinged or sliding access door
Technical characteristics

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