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  • 15 or 30 lamps
  • 4 or 8 fans
  • 220 V or 380 V supply


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Solarium for horses Hippocenter

The Hippocenter horse solarium is designed to dry and/or warm up your horses with a dual effect. The lamps give off heat which is propelled by fans situated to the rear of the solarium. This diffuse heat reaches all parts of your horse, even the most distant. The average drying time is estimated as 23 minutes with our 15-lamp model and 18 minutes with the 30-lamp model. A token box can be installed on both models, to control use and obtain a return on the investment. French design, manufactured in Normandy.

what are the benefits of infrared rays oh hipposun solarium ?

The solarium was developed by horse professionals. This equipment is based on the good of infrared rays and hot air. It is particularly effective for :

  • dry the horse after an effort or after the shower
  • prepare the horse before an effort
  • improve blood circulation/ accelerate scarring
  • improve muscle elasticity.

One of the characteristic of our solarium is that the fans are located at the rear. the air is propelled all over the body of the horse but also cools the lamps, which increases their lifespan.

Technical characteristics
 15 lamps30 lamps
IR 150 watt 15  x
IR 250 watt  x 30
Blowers 4 8
Power IR 2250 watt 7500 watt
Weight 40 kg 80 kg
Length.x Width 190 x 100 190 x 200
Voltage 240 V 380 V

More informations about this product ?

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HIPPOCENTER specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of treadmills and walkers for horses.
Situated in the heart of the horse world, this innovative company has been able to adapt to the needs of trainers and riders throughout the world.

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